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[voice icon=”http://katsuki-kenta.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/8U4_SZYh-300×300.jpg” name=”勝木” type=”l fb”]本日は、米国のFinTechスタートアップとして知られるコインベースについて、頭の整理も兼ねて、資金調達の面を中心に、色々とまとめてみようと思います。[/voice]

創業者①Fred Ehrsam(フレッド・エアサム)


(画像引用:You Tube



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創業者②Brian Armstrong(ブライアン・アームストロング)


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参考リンク:MItsubishi UFJ Financial to Invest in Bitcoin Venture Coinbase

TOKYO—Japan’s biggest lender, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc., is stepping into the bitcoin world by investing in Coinbase, a service that allows users to store the virtual currency and make payments with it.

To ramp up operations in Asia, Coinbase is set to raise about $10.5 million from investors on Friday including MUFG’s core banking unit and an MUFG venture-capital fund, bank officials said.

The MUFG investment is a relatively bold step for Japan’s megabanks, which tend to be conservative about new technologies. Some of their automated teller machines don’t accept non-Japanese cards because of security worries.

Recently, MUFG and its peers have been looking at financial technology as an area for growth because low interest rates have hurt the profitability of bread-and-butter lending

Coinbase, which was founded in 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam, has expanded operations to 32 countries currently from 19 in January 2015. The company raised $75 million last year from investors including the New York Stock Exchange and several banks.

Before the latest investment from MUFG and others, Coinbase was valued at about $400 million, people familiar with the situation said.

In Asia, Coinbase currently operates only in Singapore.

“Partnering with leading global financial institutions is a key part of our strategy and we are thrilled to be working with BTMU,” said Mr. Ehrsam, the company’s co-founder and president.

Financial institutions are particularly interested in blockchain, the digital-ledger technology that underpins bitcoin and has other applications in financial transactions. Japanese financial institutions have been sending employees to Silicon Valley to build contacts with financial-technology ventures.

“We don’t have any specific plan for now, but through this investment we wanted to work on developing our skills in public blockchain infrastructure,” said Eiichi Kashiwagi, the general manager of MUFG’s digital innovation division.

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that allows money to be sent anonymously over the internet without the presence of a traditional third party such as the network of banks that processes money transfers.

Coinbase offers a number of financial services for individuals and businesses, such as processing transactions for merchants that accept bitcoin. Individuals can use Coinbase to keep their bitcoin secure and pay online shopping sites with the currency.

The company says it has 4.1 million users and runs over six million consumer wallets.

In Japan, the image of bitcoin was tarnished when Mt. Gox, a Tokyo-based bitcoin exchange, filed for bankruptcy in 2014 and said it had lost customers’ bitcoin worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Mt. Gox’s chief executive was arrested and charged with manipulating its computer system. He denied the charges.

MUFG senior manager Yuichiro Kawasaki said Coinbase has strong compliance systems to prevent wrongdoing and has received licenses to offer money transmission services in many U.S. states.

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米ファンド「Sozo Ventures(ソーゾーベンチャーズ)」が出資(2016年7月)


また、コインベースに対する今回の出資では、米ファンド「Sozo Ventures(ソーゾーベンチャーズ)」も出資を行なっています。ソーゾーベンチャーズは、米国カリフォルニア州に本拠を置き、シリコンバレー地域を中心とした有力ベンチャー企業への投資を事業として行っています。ちなみに、Sozo Venturesに対しては、オプトも子会社の米国法人を通じ、出資を行っているようで、ビッグデータやO2Oを中心としたeマーケティングの分野で、日本進出が期待できる先進的なベンチャー企業と連携し、日本市場における新事業の創出を狙うとのこと。こちらについても、入念に把握しておきましょう。

参考リンク:オプト、米ベンチャーキャピタルファンドに出資 ビッグデータやO2O 領域の米ベンチャー企業と連携し、 日本市場を創出

参考リンク:Sozo Ventures

(補足)「Andreesen Horowitz(アンドリーセン・ホロウィッツ)」が出資(2013年12月)



コインベースに対しては、マーク・アンドリーセン氏率いる世界的に著名なベンチャーキャピタル「Andreesen Horowitz(アンドリーセン・ホロウィッツ)」も2500万ドルの出資を行なっています。これは、ビットコイン関連のベンチャー投資としては、最大級に規模を誇ります。マーク・アンドリーセンでビットコインといえば、ニューヨーク・タイムズ誌で述べた「Why Bitcoin Matters」が特に有名です。押さえておきましょう。

参考リンク:Why Bitcoin Matters




さらに、驚くべきことに、コインベースに対しては、ニューヨーク証券取引所も出資を行っています。Tim Draperがパートナーを務めるDraper Fisher Jurverson(DFG)Growth Fundに主導された出資で、ニューヨーク証券取引所(NYSE)の他にも、S&P500の採用銘柄としても知られるUSAA、ビルバオ・ビスカヤ・アルヘンタリア(BBVA)銀行、NTTドコモが参加しているようです。また、最近では、NYSEとコインベースが連携して、ビットコインインデックスをローンチした模様です。以下に、抜粋します。

参考リンク:NYSE Launches Bitcoin Index Powered by Coinbase

Today the New York Stock Exchange launched the NYSE Bitcoin Index (NYXBT), a benchmark for the daily price of bitcoin. NYXBT represents the U.S. Dollar value of one bitcoin, based on transactions occurring on Coinbase Exchange and other select bitcoin exchanges.The New York Stock Exchange administers some of the world’s most important indices, including gold and LIBOR. The creation of NYXBT represent a significant step forward in the continued adoption of Bitcoin and related payment technologies into the financial system. Earlier this year, the NYSE along with Spanish bank BBVA, USAA, and former Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit participated in Coinbase’s record series C fundraise of $75M.The NYXBT will publish a daily value for one bitcoin in U.S. Dollar terms at 16:00 London time, the FX industry standard for marking rates. You can learn more about NYSE’s announcement and the NYXBT here.Our goal at Coinbase is to make payments more open and efficient around the world and today’s announcement will help bring further transparency to the Bitcoin ecosystem. If you haven’t already, start trading today on Coinbase Exchange.

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